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Oliveri Bed and Breakfast Rome
Via Gerolamo Cardano 122 Rome, Italy
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EUR Rome, Italy

If your looking for an apartment in Rome accommodation near the Euro, we recommend you choose a Bed and Breakfast (B & B), a form of tourist accommodation now widespread in the capital, which allows you to save money, but at the same time guarantees a pleasant and relaxing stay in a cozy atmosphere with all the comforts of a hotel.
Eur you can find several proposals of Bed and Breakfast, we selected a few for you.
The Babri Simin Taj B & B is located in Via Gerolamo Cardano, 122 cross Piazza Enrico Fermi in the heart of Viale Marconi, just 500 meters from the Metro station St. Paul.
The main attractions of the city center can be so easily achieved in a short time.
Directly from the website, you can take advantage of offers (Best Rate Guarantee), check availability and make a simple and secure booking online.

Known as the GBP, a modern neighborhood, famous for its rationalist architecture, designed and built for the Exposition Universelle which was to be held in the capital to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Fascist March on Rome in 1942.
The event was canceled because of World War II, and the district, then under construction, was completed at a later time.
Its original name was E42 (Exposition 1942), later modified in EUR by the acronym of Universal Exposition of Rome, in the place names of the City of Rome is called the neighborhood Europe, but it is known by its acronym.

Architecture and Buildings
The project was introduced in 1938, under the direction of Marcello Piacentini. The model is inspired, according to the fascist ideology, classical Roman city planning, with elements of Italian Rationalism, minority compared to the "simplified neoclassicism" championed by Piacentini.
The structure consists of a road network right angle and majestic architectural buildings and imposing, massive and square, made of white marble and travertine, to remind the temples and buildings of Rome imperiale.In The planners of 42 riproposero the urban scheme chosen by the Romans: a wide boulevard in central north-south direction (thistle), present via Cristoforo Colombo, is cut transversely by secondary roads (decumani) and dividing the area into square blocks.
The element that represents the symbol of this architectural model is the "Square Colosseum", the nickname given to the Palace of Italian Civilization (also known as the Palace of the Civilization of Work) by the architects Guerrini, La Padula and Romano and inspired art metaphysics.

Other monuments are of particular importance:
The Palace of Congresses Adalberto LiberaL'Archivio Central State
The Church of Saints Peter and Paul (the building dominates the area from above, and should be, the original plans, the mausoleum of Mussolini)
The PalaLottomatica (formerly Palaeur), designed by Pier Luigi Nervi and Marcello Piacentini
The Mushroom (reservoir which owes its name to its characteristic form and currently houses a panoramic restaurant)
Obelisk Novecento (Arnaldo Pomodoro, which opened in 2004, is the most modern obelisk in Rome)
There is also an area museum, which includes among others, the Museum of Roman Civilization and the National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography Pigorini Louis, as well as a new planetarium, with an adjoining Astronomy Museum, opened in 2004.
EUROMA2, a famous shopping center of Europe's largest.

The construction of the neighborhood was completed in the late fifties at the XVII Olympiad, held in Rome in 1960, with the completion of certain infrastructure, such as the Palazzo dello Sport designed by Nervi and Piacentini and The Velodrome, as well as with the famous structure pond and garden area attached.

The EUR today
Currently, the EUR as well as residential area, is home to offices, both public and private, between which to remember the Confindustria, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Environment, the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), ICE (National Institute for Foreign Trade), the skyscraper headquarters of ENI in place at one end of the pond, the Bank's headquarters in Rome, the headquarters of the Italian and the Italian offices of several multinational companies.
In EU, there are important institutions of higher education - such as the Liceo Classico Statale "Francesco Vivona, the Liceo Scientifico Statale" Stanislao Cannizzaro ", Istituto Tecnico Statale" Vincenzo Arango-Ruiz, "the Institute of Higher Education State "Leon Battista Alberti, the Institute Massimiliano Massimo.Ci sports facilities are also important, as the complex of the Tre Fontane run by CONI.
In October 2004 the district was the seat of the EU Intergovernmental Conference, hosting the major political authorities of the European Union.

The EUR as film set
For its particularity, the district has always been considered as a set of choice for film and advertising. There was shot in 1964 The Last Man on Earth, with Ubaldo Ragona Vincent Price.
Here, Michelangelo Antonioni filmed several scenes of the film the eclipse. Federico Fellini you turned in a 1962 episode of Boccaccio '70 (The Temptation of Dr. Antonio), and Elio Petri has chosen this place a futuristic Rome in The Tenth Victim, one of the few Italian science fiction film, with Marcello Mastroianni. In addition, the Roman director Dario Argento has set in EUR of its movie Darkness.
He also did the scenography for a number of foreign films, American films such as Julie Taymor's Titus with Anthony Hopkins in 1999 (a transposition of imperial Rome during the Fascist era), Kurt Wimmer's Equilibrium, Christian Bale, in 2001 and most recently Manual love with Luciana Littizzetto and Carlo Verdone.
The phone company Vodafone has turned many of his commercials with Gennaro Gattuso and Francesco Totti in this neighborhood.

The euro's position makes node between the center and the districts of the beach and to the new Fiera di Roma, Fiumicino airport area and the industrial area south of the capital.
It can be reached from stations: EUR Magliana Palasport EUR and EUR Fermi.
The district is connected to other parts of the capital mainly through the artery of Via Cristoforo Colombo